RuSSter is a very simplistic RSS feed reader, generating digests and mailing them to a target e-mail address.

RuSSter can be run from the command line as follows:

bash$ $RUBY_PATH/bin/ruby russter.rb your-russter-config-file.yaml

If you do not provide a config file, RuSSter expects to find the file russter.yaml in the directory where it is invoked. An example version of this configuration file has been included. You must edit the entries in the file to match your smtp server and port settings, and to list the RSS feeds you would like digested. The config file is in YAML format, so following along, modifying, and augmenting the sample file is left as an exercise for the reader.

RuSSter is fully functional, but is alpha quality because there is not one bit of error handling implemented.

RuSSter is suitable for running via cron, or windows scheduled tasks if you would like your digests generated and sent, say once a day. RuSSter tracks which elements of a feed you have already seen (by date) and only sends you new elements. If there are no new elements, a digest will not be generated for that feed.

You can download RuSSter here

Questions or comments can be addressed to: Justin Sowers